Visa used by foreigners for a business visit within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. This visa allows for out and back into Indonesia for up to 12 months but each visit should not exceed 60 days.

General Requirements for Obtaining A Business Visa

  • Passport photo with minimum validity of 18 months;
  • Bank account with a minimum balance of USD 1,500;
  • Flight ticket to Jakarta or another city with a clear departure date;
  • Other documents depend on the sponsoring company. Those who can be a sponsor are:
  • All local company owned by foreigners;
  • Representative office;
  • Foreign institutions operating in Indonesia
  • Return ticket to country of origin showing the individual will depart Indonesia with 60 days from the date of arrival in Indonesia

Types of Business Visas in Indonesia

Single Entry

  • Validity period:

    60 days

  • Length of stay:

    60 days, can be extended up to 4 times. The maximum length of stay is 30 days for each extension without leaving Indonesia

Multiple Entry

  • Validity period:

    12 months

  • Length of stay:

    60 days for each extension without living Indonesia